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Due to the intelligent development of automobiles, the application range of SMT equipment in the automotive field is becoming more and more extensive.


Modern aerospace systems are set to rely even more heavily on electronic systems in the future, given the increased use of high standard electronic devices.


The PCB world is rapidly innovating to keep up with consumer demand. The growing interest in devices that are smaller but process information faster is driving new approaches.


In terms of medical PCB requirements, the medical industry demands the highest standards of quality, precision and reliability, flexibility and safety.


EMS Products

LTHD Corporation is a well-known supplier for the electronics manufacturing industry, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industrial sectors. We provide a wide range of SMT systems, inspection systems, component programming, rework and dispense, automation solutions and specialized service support.


Specialised Services

Our support packages are covering the entire process, from installation, quick setup and training, to the full performance potential of your new equipment. To meet our customers' needs, we aim to provide solutions that are compatible with emerging Smart Factory practices and support new manufacturing techniques.


Quality of Services

We deliver the best value through excellent quality and professional services, having the capacity to understand the needs and expectations of our consumers. In order to meet the most demanding needs of our customers and business partners, we also provide advice in choosing the ideal solution.




Solution Provider


PBT Works' high performance cleaning machines are designed to remove all unwanted contamination present in electronic manufacturing and micromechanic processes. Removing post reflow resin and flux soldering residues from PCBAs eliminates eventual corrosion leading to dendrite formations, leakage currents and shorts.

Device Programming

We are a provider of Data I/O manual and automated security provisioning and device programming systems for Flash, Microcontroller and Logic devices. Data I/O has developed innovative solutions, in order to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics and other markets.


We are supplying a extended range of Panasonic equipment such as Electronics Assembly Manufacturing Equipment for Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Pin Through Hole (PTH), Odd Form & End of Line, Microelectronics and Metrology, including Screen Printing and Component Placement. Panasonic provides best-in-class placement solutions from entry level to more complex requirements for any mix, any volume, any time smart manufacturing.

Rework and Dispense

For rework and repair, we offer the right product for every step. From desoldering, removing residual solder and reballing, to placement and soldering. Martin offers dispensing units for desktop and automated line production. Expensive materials such as solder pastes, adhesives and filled materials can be processed cost-effectively.


The de-paneling equipment manufactured by MSTECH are high-performance machines for the depaneling of single circuit boards with electronic components. The cutting principles used here, are especially fast, reliable, and low-stress, and ensure maximum productivity and the best cutting quality from Full Automatic In-Line Router to Stand-Alone Off-Line Router.


High-speed high precision inspection systems, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), SAKI 3D-SPI, 2D and 3D-AOI, and 3D-AXI machines are designed with unique gantry systems, technologies, and inspection algorithms to deliver highly accurate, high speed, and user friendly measurement systems for components and solder paste.

PCB Separation and Transport

Separate PCBs with pre-scored groove – precise, fast and economical. Separation means significant mechanical stress. Resistors, microcontrollers and condensers, assembled close to the milled groove on little space, might be damaged. CAB MAESTRO devices have been developed for low-stress PCB separation. Precision, stability and flexible handling are important features for the use of the PCB magazines in automated assembly lines. To transport PCB of different sizes, magazines must be adjusted consecutively.


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Our headquarters, main production and logistics centre are located in Timisoara, Ardealului Street Nr. 70, Romania. You can reach us by using the following coordinates.

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