Due to the intelligent development of automobiles, the application range of SMT equipment in the automotive field is becoming more and more extensive.


Modern aerospace systems are set to rely even more heavily on electronic systems in the future, given the increased use of high standard electronic devices.


The PCB world is rapidly innovating to keep up with consumer demand. The growing interest in devices that are smaller but process information faster is driving new approaches.


In terms of medical PCB requirements, the medical industry demands the highest standards of quality, precision and reliability, flexibility and safety.


PCB Depaneling

Since its establishment MSTECH has been supplying high quality equipment to worldwide customers. MSTECH offers a wide range of Depaneling Routers from fully automatic In-Line Routers, Stand-Alone Off-Line Routers and sawing systems. We offer high versatility and expandability to fulfil any customer requirements. The highly efficient dust collecting system for 0% remaining dust, the quick and easy programming, the user friendly interface and the compact design make the ideal equipment for all types of depaneling applications.


PCB Depaneling 
Product Range

De-paneling equipment from MSTECH are high-performance machines for the de- paneling of single circuit boards with electronic components. The cutting principles we use are especially fast, reliable, and low-stress, and ensure maximum productivity and the best cutting quality.

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